Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to sign a waiver to go rafting?2017-05-17T14:06:54-06:00

Yes .. the waiver can be downloaded in PDF format here –   Individual Rafting Waiver (PDF) or Family Rafting Waiver (PDF)

Do I have to be able to swim?2013-08-21T22:16:21-06:00

In the spring when the rivers are high, it is recommended that you be able to swim so you can defend yourself in the water if you happen to fall in. In the summer when the rivers are lower it is not necessary. Be sure to let your guide know of your comfort level and swimming ability.

Do people fall out of the boat?2013-08-21T22:18:04-06:00

We take your safety seriously. Every trip starts with a full safety briefing and paddle instruction. Our boats are equipped with perimeter and center lines to give you ample places to hang on and stay in the boat. There is some risk in whitewater rafting however, but it is rare that people fall out of the boat. In the case that they do – they are retrieved quickly using the drills that are taught in the safety briefing. In the spring with the higher water levels there is a greater potential for things to happen. High water is definitely not for everyone.

Do you have to book ahead, and what is your cancellation policy?2014-08-11T10:42:51-06:00

You do need to pre-book so we know how many boats to bring and how much lunch to pack. We take cash, cheque, mastercard, or visa. If for some reason you are unable to make your booking, let us know 48 hours in advance. For groups of 4 or more we need a weeks notice to cancel.

What is the best river to run?2013-10-30T17:59:32-06:00

In Fernie we are blessed with two whitewater rivers that can be rafted during the spring time. Both rivers are great class III – IV rivers.

The Bull River is of small volume and thus is the best to run during the spring run off period, May through June.

The Elk River being of larger volume remains great to run all summer long. As the water starts to drop, we have more opportunity to swim in the pools that form between the rapids, cliff jump, and enjoy the spectacular scenery. In May and June we have many rafters who come and run both rivers on their weekend.

What is the walk down to “The Canyon” like?2017-05-10T09:31:11-06:00

There is a hike down a long set of stairs to get to the river – you can see photos in our photo gallery.

Is there an age limit to the trips?2013-08-21T22:17:06-06:00

We will take all ages on the scenic floats through the beautiful upper Elk Valley.

In the spring with the high water levels, rafters must be 16 or older to run the Elk Canyon or lower Bull Canyon.

In the summer as the water levels drop, we take kids 8 and up through the Elk Canyon. They have to be keen, like getting wet, and ready for a full day of fun.

What is the timing for the trips and where do we meet?2018-06-14T14:08:12-06:00

The whitewater trips are full day trips meeting at Fernie Alpine Resort (5 minutes from Fernie), at 10:00 am. Pick up in town can be arranged for 9:30 am. If you are coming from west of Fernie we can meet you in Elko at 10:30am.
It is a half hour drive to the put in on the Lower Elk Canyon and an hour and a half drive to the put in on the Bull River from Fernie.

In the spring we get back to Fernie around 4:30 pm from the lower Elk Canyon, and 5:30 from the Bull River. As the water slows down in the summer, we get back a little later.

The float trips are half-day trips meeting at the Tourist Info Center (102 Commerce Rd, Fernie) on Highway #3 in Fernie at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm or evening float at 5:30 pm.  Full day trips can be arranged.

102 Commerce Rd

If it’s raining is the trip still on?2013-08-21T22:17:20-06:00

The whitewater trips go rain or shine as you are dressed to get wet with all the awesome whitewater. The float trips can be rescheduled if desired.

What do I bring on the float trips?2013-08-21T22:17:26-06:00

• dress for the weather of the day
• sunscreen
• cameras and binoculars

What do you provide on the whitewater trips?2018-06-14T14:08:12-06:00

• transportation to and from the river
• wet suit (cleaned and dried daily)
• neoprene socks (cleaned and dried daily)
• neoprene gloves (cleaned and dried daily)
• spray jacket
• life jackets
• helmets
• professional and knowledgeable licensed guides
• delicious riverside deli lunch suitable for most diets

What should I bring on the whitewater trips?2016-06-14T12:27:18-06:00
  • Bathing suit or light shorts to wear under wet suit (no cotton)
  • Old sturdy running shoes or sport sandal that straps on securely
  • Synthetic fleece or sweater to wear under spray jacket (no cotton)
  • Sunscreen
  • Warm dry clothes to change into at the end of the trip