Canyon Raft Company was incorporated in 1995 and is owned and operated by Blair Craig and Lynn Muller. We have been running the Elk and Bull rivers ever since, and they remain just as wild and remote as when we first fell in love with them.

We provide the highest quality equipment and professional guides,  all licensed with the BCROA, who maintain the highest standards of safety in the country. We are trained in first aid and swift water rescue, and also have extensive knowledge of the Fernie area rivers, their geology and the history of our backyard.

During the spring or summer, there is always a great river adventure to be found with Canyon Raft Company. No matter what section of river you choose to run, the staff and our professional, fun approach to river running is what really sets Canyon Raft Company apart – we enjoy sharing our love of the river with our crew, and feel privileged to be out on the river every day!

Our Equipment

15’ – 16’ self bailing rafts with diminishing tubes for the best ride out there. Each raft holds about 8 people. We run them either paddle raft or oar rig with paddle assist. The oar rig increases the guide’s ability to control and offers passengers more opportunity to hold on. Canyon Raft Company strives to bring the standard of guide training to the highest possible level.

The B-man is our chief.  He leads the trip, drives the bus, does the dishes and the laundry. Most notably he is the pioneer of commercial rafting on the Elk River.  Originally from Saskatchewan, Blair moved west for the mountain lifestyle early in life.  Originally guiding on the Kicking Horse River in Golden, he first rafted the Elk in ’85.  Ten years later in 1995 he started the Canyon Raft Company with his partner in crime, Lynn Muller.  Blair fills his winter skiing and working at Fernie Alpine Resort, where he runs the groomer crew. Blair likes roller blading, hockey, McDonalds, and the Flames.

Lynn started Canyon Raft Company in 1995. With her partner, Blair she moved from rafting on the Kicking Horse river to the Elk river and embraced life in Fernie. You can meet Lynn most Sundays at the market in Rotary park throughout the summer.  Lynn’s fitness is an inspiration. She keeps active year round, biking, swimming, hiking, paddling, cross country skiing, and alpine skiing. Her spirit animal is the hummingbird.

Lynn’s excitement is contagious, and she is well known around town for always being excited about everything, but especially anything to do with the river. If you get lucky enough to be in Lynn’s raft for the day, don’t forget to ask her about her part in the 1994 hit movie, The River Wild.

Mylo is our 4 legged guide in training. With is big paws and even bigger heart he has fit in well with the team. When he’s not helping out with your rescue on the river, he is making sure our shuttle drivers are well entertained, and he knows that there is always atleast one more stick that could be thrown for him into the river. He is sometimes shy, but don’t be afraid to ask one of the guides for a few snacks to help with getting to know him!

Tall Paul comes to us from Coaldale, Alberta. Before he joined the Canyon Raft family, Paul was studying civil engineering and working as a land surveyor. He now spends his winters playing in the snow with explosives, (a.k.a. as a Ski Patroller here in Fernie,) and his off season working part-time as a carpenter. Paul enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, playing drums, and skiing. Try to find your tallest friend, (preferably a Paul,) to claim his title as tallest one on the river!

Born and raised in Calgary where he use to skip school to ski – he is now on the Fernie Alpine Resort Ski Patrol. He worked on the Ottawa River for a couple of years before realizing that old adage, “West is Best” and joined us here at Canyon Raft. Kyler loves bikes, whitewater, telling stories, and always finding something new to surf.

1st round Draft Pick from her year in the Mountain Adventure Skills Training program, Joey hails from Melbourne Australia. After exploring Canada briefly, a classic “Fernie Factor” day while visiting one winter made her realize that Fernie was her final destination in Canada. Now officially one of us as a fellow Canadian, Joey’s past life as a gymnast will shine through daily, so make sure you don’t miss her cliff jumping!

Raised in a rafting family on the Ottawa, Ethan is our combination photographer/safety kayaker/raft guide/story teller. And if there’s one thing he’s always good for, it’s another story. Bringing with him years spent on the water, he finds himself most comfortable in a kayak, or on a raft, with only short breaks in between to commute to the river. With more experience than you might guess, it will be up to you to decide which of the stories are true, or, well, river tales.

Growing up as a farm boy, Tristan was driving tractors by 5, trucks by 10, and rafts by 20. Hailing from Alberta, he made his way to Fernie to chase better snowboarding, and figured out a job that would give him every day off all winter. If he worked nights on Cat Crew, his days would be free to ride to his hearts content. Finding his way onto the river via Blair, Tristan brings work ethic, mechanical experience, and luscious hair like no other to our team.

All the way from the UK, we found Fiona in the Mountain Adventure Skills Program and brought her onto the team. A skilled snowboarder already, she quickly picked up rafting and hasn’t looked back. Spending her winter sliding sideways on snow at Fernie Wilderness Adventures, come summer she trades her board for a raft and a different kind of whitewater. Always upbeat, Fi will be the one still keeping us stoked on a cold, rainy day, and even the other guides wish they could join her raft every once in a while.

Escaping the prairies for less flat winters, Logan made his way onto the Cat Crew with Blair at Fernie Alpine Resort. A fellow Saskatchewan boy, he soon joined us in the summers first as a shuttle driver, and now as a guide. With a classic mountain man beard, Logan will have you convinced he’s been on these waters since the beginning of time, and it will be up to you to figure out when he’s smiling under it all.

(Hint, it’s almost always)

Jacob comes to us from Honeywood, Ontario. He spent two seasons guiding on the Ottawa River where he learned all about sunny side down rafts. After a few winter seasons in Fernie, he is staying for the summers now and is turning over a new leaf, not the rafts.

“He is also handsome, funny, and good looking. He likes short walks on the beach and long swims in the canyon.”


Giff is a  world-renowned veteran river guide from the Ottawa River.  He is a jack of all trades and a master of one. He is a raft guide, a member of the Fernie Ski Patrol, and Grill Master at Big Bang Bagels. He might cook it up over easy on the grill, but he is always sunny side up on the river.

Alexa hails from the Elk Valley, and grew up around rivers. With a degree in management, she keeps us all in line as our acting HR boss. Alexa splits her time between a 9-5 job, guiding with us, kayaking, gardening, mountain biking, road biking, hiking, climbing, and finding new things to do. If you think there’s not enough hours in the day to do all of that, she’ll prove you wrong.

Tom joined the canyon raft crew in 2014. A skilled kayaker, standup paddle boarder and Raft guide, Tom is a true “water-man”. His sense of humour keeps the staff and clients entertained and his work ethic contributes to keeping our crew strong. He insists that his spirit animal is a Duck but others believe that it is actually a Bull Dog. Tom keeps himself busy with a “real job” as a carpenter, but does find himself drawn back to the river to help out with some guiding, photography, and safety boating when time allows.

Kaz was the “River Dog”.  She came to us from the Pets For Life foundation.  She eagerly met the crew each morning for years and loved to spend her days out on the raft trips. She went on to better waters in the fall of 2016 and she will be missed.